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Turn on, tune in and take off

dwb at the Com

dwb at the Com

Welcome to SlipStream Radio with dwb, a freeform radio show on wcbn fm on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Live broadcasts are 6-9am, Monday mornings, 88.3 FM Ann Arbor or

I will be posting the show archives here (as streaming audio and download links) as well as set-lists and any commentary individual shows may merit.

As time and attention span permits, interesting tidbits from the web may surface here as well, mostly about music or cycling.

And always, comments, requests and musical leads will be appreciated.


listen to the SlipStream Radio promo here:

New Promo (am i dreaming or is it Monday?):

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It’s a 78rpm Morning, with a bonus round

digging through the fast spinning Chris Daley 78 collection, plus:
Is It Live or Is It Memorex?: The Beatles, Rooftop concert, 1.30.69

Listen Here:

Download here: 3.2.15
(right click and save as)

Setlist: setlist 3.2.15

2015-02-26 20.53.27

Bonus Round of Is It Live or Is It Memorex?:
Listen Here:

Download here: 3.3.15split
(right click and save as)

Setlist: setlist 3.3.15



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