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Turn on, tune in and take off

dwb at the Com

dwb at the Com

Welcome to SlipStream Radio with dwb, a freeform radio show on wcbn fm on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Live broadcasts are 6-9am, Monday mornings, 88.3 FM Ann Arbor or

I will be posting the show archives here (as streaming audio and download links) as well as set-lists and any commentary individual shows may merit.

As time and attention span permits, interesting tidbits from the web may surface here as well, mostly about music or cycling.

And always, comments, requests and musical leads will be appreciated.


listen to the SlipStream Radio promo here:

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Give Up The Funk

What It Is: 2 hours of Friday night funk to free your mind

Listen Here:

Download here: 4.18.14

Setlist: setlist 4.18.14


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Nashville Skyline

4 days R&R in Nashville, and all i got was 40lbs of records!

Diamonds In the Rough: Uncle Tupelo, No Depression Demos
Is It Live or Is It Memorex: Patty Griffin, the Ark, Ann Arbor, 8.17.01 (dwb’s stealth recording)

Listen Here:

Download here: 4.14.14

Setlist: setlist 4.14.14

Patty and Guitar

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Happy Birthday, Billie Holiday

Billie’s 99th birthday and some raw DKs..

Diamonds In the Rough: Dead Kennedys 1978 Demos (earliest known recording, as a 5tet)
Is It Live or Is It Memorex: Stanley Brothers, Silver Creek Ranch Creek, VA 8.5.56

Listen Here:

Download here: 4.7.14

Setlist:setlist 4.7.14

getting crazier…

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Yes, Virginia, Elvis is dead.

On this day in 1949, RCA Victor introduced the 7″ 45rpm record and 10 record player, in response to Columbia’s introduction of the Long Playing record a year earlier.

Diamonds In the Rough: Patti Smith Demos
Is It Live or Is It Memorex: Gorillaz, 4.21.10

Listen Here:

Download here: 3.31.14

Setlist: setlist 3.31.14

The first 45 (original plan was to use different colored vinyl for each genre):

Gotta get me one of these:

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What a world we live in.

Legalize it!

Diamonds In the Rough: Peter Tosh Demos
Is It Live or Is It Memorex: Cat Power, Berkeley, 10.28.98 (covers tour)

Listen Here:

Download here: 3.24.14

Setlist: setlist 3.24.14


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Welcome to Nirvana

No St. Patty for me…

Diamonds In the Rough: Nirvana Demos
Is It Live or Is It Memorex: Deer Tick, 9.13.13, Brooklyn, performing Nirvana’s “In Utero” in full

Listen Here:

Download here: 3.17.14

Setlist: setlist 3.17.14


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The Mothership takes off

Finally acquired the Parliament – Funkadelic Mothership Connection Newberg session recording…

Is It Live or Is It Memorex: PFunk Newberg Sessions
Diamonds In the Rough: PFunk Newberg sessions

The Mothership Connection Newberg Session was recorded in Hangar E at Stewart Airfield in Newburgh, New York on September 26, 1976 during the rehearsals for the P-Funk Earth Tour.

Listen Here:

Download here: 3.10.14

Setlist: setlist 3.10.14



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