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Happy Birthday, Billie Holiday

Billie’s 99th birthday and some raw DKs..

Diamonds In the Rough: Dead Kennedys 1978 Demos (earliest known recording, as a 5tet)
Is It Live or Is It Memorex: Stanley Brothers, Silver Creek Ranch Creek, VA 8.5.56

Listen Here:

Download here: 4.7.14

Setlist:setlist 4.7.14

getting crazier…

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Yes, Virginia, Elvis is dead.

On this day in 1949, RCA Victor introduced the 7″ 45rpm record and 10 record player, in response to Columbia’s introduction of the Long Playing record a year earlier.

Diamonds In the Rough: Patti Smith Demos
Is It Live or Is It Memorex: Gorillaz, 4.21.10

Listen Here:

Download here: 3.31.14

Setlist: setlist 3.31.14

The first 45 (original plan was to use different colored vinyl for each genre):

Gotta get me one of these: